Monday, September 15, 2014

The Power of Optics - Rube Goldberg Style :)

Rube Goldberg rocks, Rube, with science in mind, rules. Enjoy. :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Randomly Scary Stuff

Viruses are nano size machines that often take the shape of spheres, spirals and crystals as all three form factors can easily house and deliver viral DNA/RNA to host cells as needs warrant. To live, said viruses must invade host cells using a wide variety of interesting mechanisms, like the one seen above, in order to find a friendly place to replicate, with sometimes catastrophic results i.e Smallpox, 1918 flu etc., etc. or die a lonely and unmourned death. In this vein, BRT talked about viruses in the context of Ebola, the devastating hemorrhagic fever variant, in Something is different this time, a quick take on why the current outbreak raging in West Africa is different, something potentially as terrifying as depicted in 12 Monkeys a movie of undeniable power if the unthinkable happens, something not to be taken lightly given the quantum-driven probabilistic/random reality in which we all live.

Seen above is a hexagonally shaped virus while the well known tobacco mosaic virus, seen below, takes the shape of a spiral akin to that of DNA. 

As a refresher, here is the 12 Monkeys poster.

Friday, September 12, 2014

A 2 minute drill :)

Eye candy never disappoints. :)

A different perspective

Not a plug for Apple but rather an appreciation of tech being used in clever fashion. Enjoy.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

An Interesting Tale

BRT posted several pieces regarding the fubar known as the Middle East and how, in nefarious ways, how we created this ongoing disaster with help from significant others. The map depicted above shows how the various warring groups could divide up territory into new regains of influence with clandestine help from the same parties that has given us IS

For more info on this most complex and interesting of topics regarding oil, internecine rivalries and clandestine operatives of the Great Game, click Nafeez Ahmed's Blog. You will not be disappointed.

Addendum or... Thru the Looking Glass.

Any questions?


While nature itself just "is", a construct without empathy, creatures living in it do as seen by this squirrel keeping crows from munching on his buddy, a victim of too much intimacy with a passing car. Elephants also exhibit empathy to the nth degree as seen by this post in Daily Mail UK, something cameramen found heartbreaking without question.

Enough said.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Smiles "R" Us :)

In a very weird way, this wind loving dog reminds me of politicians virtual glad handing the crowd, complete with phony smiles, while riding in a stretch. :) Twisted Sifter strikes again.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

What If...

Back in 2008, BRT posted a "review" :) of Religious, Bill Maer's  hilarious take on religion, a flick that has NEVER aired on mainline TV. As per BRT, an inquiry into the Jesus myth was undertaken with brief excursions into the Nicene Creed, the myth of Horus and the fact that all depiction's of JC center on the four New Testament gospels written 80 - 100 years after his death., so... did Christ exist akin to that of the once very popular Horus, who predated Christ by 2500 years, as the Hours story has all the particulars depicting the essence of Christ including:

Now comes more data, based on valid research, that may show that JC was an artificial construct, created by talented men who wanted to validate their religion to the great unwashed back in the day.

But there are problems with this narrative due to...
  1. No first century secular evidence whatsoever exists to support the actuality of Yeshua ben Yosef.  In the words of [10] Bart Ehrman: “What sorts of things do pagan authors from the time of Jesus have to say about him? Nothing.
  2. The earliest New Testament writers seem ignorant of the details of Jesus’ life, which become more crystalized in later texts.Paul seems unaware of any virgin birth, for example. No wise men, no star in the east, no miracles. Historians have long puzzled over the “Silence of Paul” on the most basic biographical facts and teachings of Jesus.
  3. Even the New Testament stories don’t claim to be first-hand accounts. We now know that the four gospels were assigned the names of the apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, not written by them. 
  4. The gospels, our only accounts of a historical Jesus, contradict each other.If you think you know the Jesus story pretty well, I suggest that you pause at this point to test yourself with the 20 question quiz [14] at
  5. Modern scholars who claim to have uncovered the real historical Jesus depict wildly different persons.  They include a cynic philosopher, charismatic Hasid, liberal Pharisee, conservative rabbi, Zealot revolutionary, nonviolent pacifist to borrow from a much longer list assembled by Price [16]. In his words (pp. 15-16), “The historical Jesus (if there was one) might well have been a messianic king, or a progressive Pharisee, or a Galilean shaman, or a magus, or a Hellenistic sage.  But he cannot very well have been all of them at the same time.”  John Dominic Crossan [17] of the Jesus Seminar grumbles that “the stunning diversity is an academic embarrassment.” 
It's worth considering, don't you think?

Of cabbages & kings

Like Judge Crotty, Justice Richard Posner gets it regarding how law should work in applying common sense and fairness to complex issues affecting us all, i.e. separation of church and state, corporations as people etc., etc.,  while Anton Scalia doesn't as his penchant is to use his "immense" intellect for the sake of argument rather then getting to the heart of the issue at hand to arrive at a decision grounded on sound legal and moral principles. To whit.

If only he was one of the Supremes. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Deep Web

4% of the web comprise the internet us normal rubes are used to, the web accessible via Safari, Explorer, Chrome and Opera, among significant others, to do our usual thing whether it be email trolling, social networking a la Facebook or Google + or buying stuff from Amazon and Apple but  the other 96%, the dark side of the web, can only be seen via browsers like Tor, a tool allowing us to see the mysterious and illegal though the mechanism of anonymity and tech, courtesy the US Navy.

Seen below is a pretty cool graphic doing the iceberg thing showing just how vast the deep web truly is.

Interesting to say the least.