Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Recursive to the Max :)

The Mandelbrot Set is digital recursion to the max as seen by this very cool video showing why this is true. Chaos rules and, when you get a chance, read about how Mandelbrot discovered fractals, thus opening up, in conjunction with Lorenz and the Butterfly Effect, the amazing science of chaos and how it applies to the real world. :)

The Butterfly Effect


Seeing a video like this knocks me out. Namibia, barrow wave and intensity. 
Nature never disappoints. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mid Summer

Mid Summer, the best time in CT to see how nature works at small scale, something that never disappoints though the only butterflies seen to date is a tough old codger able to survive numerous attacks by denizens of the avian world and another who hugs the ground whenever possible. :) Enjoy

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Zeno's Paradox :)

Writing is hard because there's no filter. It's from brain to device/paper etc, etc., so making one's thoughts comprehensible enough for another person to understand is difficult at best. It's similar to a high-wire act without the net, something requiring courage, or foolishness to do, a notion that probably describes yours truly when writing "wonderful" missives for all to read on good old BRT. :)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Evolution - writ large :)

Birds of Paradise are simply astounding as you will see in both these videos. 
The long version is seen below. Enjoy.

Web Electric

The web as public utility is, to BRT, the best way to save net neutrality. The web connect, provided by a public utility, i.e.your "friendly" electric company, could be the way to make it happen, something that terrifies the Comcasts of the world to no end.

Needless to say, this is an elegant solution to maintaining NN from the tech perspective but the gotcha in all of this guessed it, DC.

"Well do ya?" - Dirty Harry

Friday, July 18, 2014

Barcelona a Go Go :)

Both my wife and son have been to Barcelona and both were absolutely taken by the city. This amazing time lapse by Rob Whitworth gives a glimpse of just how amazing Barcelona truly is. :)

Eminent Domain

Fracking, the tech BRT truly loves, has overrun PA, thanks to government collusion, greed and now, the increasing abuse of eminent domain on the part of Sunoco Logistics Partners, the largest fracking entity in the state.

“This is my house, it’s my safe zone; nobody’s going to bother me,” he says. “It was worth it for the peace of mind.”

But in late 2012, someone bothered the Coxes. A representative of oil and gas transporter Sunoco Logistics Partners — a “landsman” sent by the company to scout and buy access to their property — came to their front door and told them that Sunoco was going to dig a pipeline under their woods.

“And I went: ‘No you’re not,’” Cox says.

I kind of thought, ‘If we resist enough, they’re going to go away.’ But they didn’t.
Ronald Cox Pennsylvania homeowner

After he refused, a lawyer for Sunoco sent a letter that said the company had the power of eminent domain, including the right to survey their property and condemn it to build their pipeline. Sunoco hired a realty company to appraise the land, valuing the 23 acres at $352,000 and estimating the damage of constructing a pipeline at $2,700.

Representatives offered the Coxes $6,000. They said it was better to sign an agreement immediately, since the company would gain the right to the property anyway.

“I kind of thought, ‘If we resist enough, they’re going to go away.’ But they didn’t,” Cox says.

The Coxes didn’t know it then, but their dream home lay in the path of a metastasizing controversy that involves not only Sunoco’s bid for eminent domain but an attempt by the company to circumvent local zoning laws, all aimed at swiftly completing a sprawling, multi-year project to exploit a boom in the byproducts of the Marcellus Shale.

Read the article to see how people are starting to fight back against a company trying to game the system with cooperation of politicos like Tom Corbett, a leading advocate of fracking and PA's sitting govenor. Interesting to say the least.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Honest Gil

Honest Gill rules. Just like Bulworth, he tells the truth with humor and style. Honest Gil is a creation of Represent Us, a site dedicated to getting $$ out of politics with KY as the target state. :)

Sounds like a good idea to me.

"Same as it ever was" - Talking Heads

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Earthquakes "R" Us

The new earthquake center of the world is...Oklahoma!

Any questions as to why fracking is bad tech to the max, particularly if done near any operation requiring stable ground like nuclear reactors, hospitals or other endeavors like driving, living in a house or working in a high rise, etc., ect., ect., that cannot handle the kind of damage said tech has done to Oklahoma, a state that never experienced earthquakes of any magnitude prior to 2009. As for California, fracking plays a role in generating earthquakes as per Oklahoma as seen by On Shaky Ground, a report depicting the additional "benefits" brought forth by the one trick pony known as fracking.

Bon Appetit

 One of my favorite sites, Why Evolution is True, posted this gem as a paean to the World Cup. :)


Everything is connected, nothing happens in isolation as seen through the lens of quantum theory, a universal condition that readily applies to the plight of the honey bee and what is being done to this wonderful insect through a synergistic set of atrocities. 

In reading Our Bees, Ourselves, one readily sees commonality with the honey bee problem with our own in terns of  our continued existence on this planet as we are doing the same thing to earth as to the bee. In addition to poison, we plunder the seas, pollute the environment and push the resource overshoot ever closer to June, the point of no return in terms of earth being able to sustain us as our population grows ever larger while earth's resources diminish ever faster. 

Our survival depends on conservation, bio diversity and the complete transition to sustainables while, at the same time, finally abandoning the notion of unlimited growth based on the false premise that earth's treasures are infinite while in fact, they are anything but.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Creativity Is...

Fast Company posted a blurb titled Secrets from the brains of 13 creative geniuses. The gist of the piece includes the following:
To get a better take on creativity, the masterwork by Arthur Koestler titled The Act of Creation comes to mind, a book quoted numerous times in BRT as Koestler gets to the heart of the creative process in a fashion unmatched, IMHO, by any other writer brave enough to take on a subject as vast as this.

What's even more amazing about Koestler is the fact he was largely self taught in genetics, which forms the second part of Act. Amazingly prescient regarding how life works at the molecular level, it's somewhat akin to Alan Turing's take on Chaos back in the early 50s. 

As for yours truly dealing with creativity...
  • Teaching oneself is incredibly rewarding.
  • The arts/science equation are hand and glove glories without limitation.
  • Persistence, in the face of skepticism and rejection, are conditions known all too well to this writer of BRT but one preservers because all creative people do, without reservation, because to bring anything new and of value to the world is scary, fun and hard to do even if's a joke of the most salacious kind. :)
  • Crappy work is an old friend of mine that I try to eliminate as best as possible. Hopefully none of that nonsense appears in BRT but, as Fat Waller said, No one knows, do one? :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

False Alarm :)

Yours truly thought this was one of the Tetrad of lunar eclipses coming this way in 2014/15 but I was wrong. The atmosphere played tricks while shooting the full moon on a hot, mosquito laden July 12th. The pix below was taken on the 11th. Less mosquitoes but much sharper image due to the clearer atmosphere allowing luna to reflect her glory without restriction. Oh well, Sept 15th looms. :)